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Christmas Market


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Offer specifications

Specify subsequently the main products you want to offer on the chosen market.
Please note that your specifications obligate you to equip your hut with a share of at least 70 % of the named products.

Main products

Name the goods that fill at least 70% of your stall.

Side products

Name some of your side goods.

Complete description of all offered goods

Photos see below!

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Please upload (Format: jpg, png / size max. 3 MB per photo) at least one recent photo of your booth and products on offer to this application including product presentation, documentation and decoration.
All your above named products have to be visible and clearly recognizable.

Renting hut system "EDI"

Applicants with own hut

Entrance(s) at the *

Photos see below!

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Please upload (Format: jpg, png / size max. 3 MB per photo) at least one photo/drawing of your hut.

Electrical supply

Please find terms and conditions in attachment Advertisement London. Advertisement Edinburgh.

Electrical connection

Indicate number of connections requested per max. installed load

Please note: Only rent huts with connections up to 3kW are provided with electrical facilities!
For own huts and for connections over 3kW you have to take care of your electrical equipment on your own responsibility.

Electrical consumption

Please note: The electricity meter is not provided by the organiser! Electricity will be charged during and/or at the end of the event based on meter reading of usage (per kWh).

Water supply

There is no legal right to be admitted to the Christmas Market.

Should you be admitted there is no legal right to be assigned a particular stand location.